311 complaint records

You can search by address, intersection, community district or City Council district. County Clerk - Vital Records The MyPermitNow website serves as your portal to all information concerning your plan review and inspection status. Report a building that has no legal Certificate of Occupancy or an illegal change in building use that violates the Certificate. 311 Sets New Record with 44 Million Customer Interactions in 2018. Consumer Complaint Form. Report a refrigerator or freezer placed out for collection with its door attached. Report a crane or derrick operation that is unsafe or without a permit, license, or certificate. File a Complaint. Learn about or report a problem with SeaStreak Ferry. Report an abandoned vehicle on public property or request the removal of an abandoned vehicle with no license plates on private property. Report dust from roadwork, construction, demolition, renovation, or another source. Evasion of taxes including sales, payroll, and cigarette. Register a guard dog or report loss, theft, or a new owner. Report an improper, illegal, defective, or unpermitted gas piping or hookup. Report a vehicle that is blocking your driveway. Restaurant or Bar Reopening Complaint Outdoor Dining Complaint Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Workers ... Records . Building Inspection Request / Status. Report a problem with how public school staff handled discipline or suspension. Get a copy of a police report for a crime or lost property. Public Records; What the City Buys; Report an Issue; Graffiti Removal; Large Item Pick-Up; Missed Trash Pick-Up ; Lost Pets; Report Needles; 311 You are here: Home; 311; 311 Information; Online 311; Navigation. Driver and vehicle complaints, lost and found, fare information. Contact a Parent Coordinator to report issues at your child's school. Report a damaged sidewalk. View > Text Size > Largest, In the View menu, select Zoom In. Report standing water outdoors during Mosquito Season. Report an unlocked park, playground, or park building. Make a complaint about a business that runs amusement rides. Report someone threatening a public official, building, facility, or government employee. Make a complaint about a business that buys or sells used items. Report a merchant charging the wrong amount of sales tax. Report the alteration of landmark buildings without permission. You can call Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Learn about the Bike Access to Office Buildings Law which allows bikes in commercial office buildings. Report a problem with a Department of Sanitation employee's behavior or operation of a Sanitation vehicle. Report a problem with a cemetery, monument, or headstone. Report a problem with a taxi driver or vehicle, including rudeness, unsafe driving, refusing a request, maintenance issues, or route complaints. Get support and social services for victims. Report someone placing trash in front of another location or with another person's trash. We believe use of data and evidence can improve our … Report a problem with the New York City jail system, including threats to inmates. Report the recruiting, transporting, selling, or buying of people to exploit them. Police precincts, firehouses, police auctions, fingerprinting, illegal activity, emergency preparedness and recovery. Report a problem with the location or condition of a newly planted tree. Report a problem with a pre-paid phone card. Service Requests and other City government records. Report a problem with a yellow school bus or bus driver. Report an item lost or found in a limousine, black car, or car service. Licenses, lost and found, rats, mice, bed bugs. Report a dead animal or an unusual cluster of dead birds. Pensacola Energy- Gas Leak: 850-474-5300. Report an employer violating the Law. Report the use of a hoverboard, which is a motorized self-balancing scooter. Make a complaint about a booth that sells newspapers and magazines. Learn about the risks of circumcision or report any concerns. Report telemarketers soliciting through text messages. Report a problem with public school services for students with disabilities. Report trespassing, which is entering someone's property without permission. Report a problem with an automated teller machine (ATM). Report burning garbage either outdoors or in an illegal incinerator. Report a construction site that does not have a No Smoking sign. Report someone using false information to file for a Department of Buildings (DOB) document. To speak with someone from the Mayor's Office of Constituent Service in person, please come to the Mayor's Office on the 5th Floor of City Hall weekdays between 9 … Report broken or leaking plumbing in a commercial building. Report a fence that is over the height limit, missing, or not secured. Report a security problem in a DCAS-managed building. Learn about water quality and building water tank inspections. Report a traffic condition. Report litter, debris, or garbage alongside or on the roadway of a highway. Report a contractor working without a license. Report someone washing a sidewalk outside of permitted hours. Menu > Zoom > +, In the View menu, select Zoom. 311 serves the public and handles all requests for government and non-emergency services, connecting residents, business owners, and visitors with the information and people who can help them best. **** Florida has a very broad public records law. Find an after school program for an elementary, middle, or high school student. Report a tree removal or natural feature change in a Special Natural Area District (SNAD). Report a business selling flavored tobacco products. The 311 Contact Center is a public service line created by Miami-Dade County in which you can get one-on … Report an unusual number of mosquitoes during Mosquito Season. A complaint filed with the City about the maintenance problem(s) in your apartment is a record that the landlord has not done what he or she is required by law to do, which is to provide you with a safe and habitable housing. Report a business that does not provide the terms of a layaway plan. February 19, 2019. Once configured, VOIP service should work properly as long as you are registered as located within the boundaries of the City of Boston. 50) forms. Report a business operating without a license. Report plumbing work done without a permit. ECUA: 850-476-0480. Report professional misconduct by a pharmacist. Learn about reports and statistics related to City services. Tempe 311 delivers a quick and simple way for residents to connect with the city for non-emergency services. Report the purchase or delivery of damaged or defective goods. Get information about IDNYC issues, status of an application, and their Mobile Enrollment Center. Report any type of harassment, including sexual harassment, cat calling, and voyeurism. Ask about contracting or supplying goods to the City. Report a false or fraudulent claim against the city. Report tax evasion or fraud involving sales, payroll, cigarette, or personal income sales tax. What Happens After I File a Complaint? Report personal injury or property damage against the City or a City contractor including damage to a vehicle from a pothole. Access-A-Ride, taxis for people with disabilities, accessibility complaints. Common browsers are included in this page; mention of a specific browser does not imply endorsement or recommendation. Report a scam email claiming to be from the Department of Consumer Affairs. © 2021 The City of New York. Make a complaint about an awning, canopy, marquee, or storm enclosure. 2. Report a problem with a poll site, voting machine, ballot, or poll worker. Report water flowing through a sewer outfall pipe during dry weather. Report a residential building owner for not posting a notice before heat, water, gas, or electricity service is disrupted. Our 311 customer service agents undergo extensive training to ensure each caller gets a courteous, quick and accurate response - 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. BOS:311 enables real-time collaboration with citizens, 'deputizing' mobile users to become the city's eyes and ears. Disposal, collection, street cleaning, sanitation violations, illegal dumping. Citizens report potholes, graffiti, and other issues … Adult and youth employment, government jobs, internships, training. 311 City Services. Report missing, faded, or obscured traffic lines on a street. Learn about Citi Bike membership or report an equipment maintenance problem. Monday, January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Report a problem with the service or staff at a Job Center. Report a store that leaves its doors or windows open when cooling systems are on. Report inadequate ventilation inside a building or a ventilation or exhaust system that is illegal, installed improperly, or has an odor. Citizens can submit, view, receive real-time updates and comment on requests. Report abuse or neglect of a senior age 60 or older. Report asbestos that is exposed or illegally removed. View > Zoom InMacintosh Shortcut: Command+. Report a billboard, poster, or flexible fabric sign that does not follow permit regulations. Check Your 311 Service Request You can check the status of your service request and monitor updates along the way. Continuing education, GED, TASC, literacy. Report property damage caused by a hurricane or flood. Report a problem with a private, on-site sewage disposal system (septic or cesspool). Report a problem with a New York State Department of State licensed professional or firm. Learn about the violation issued to property owners who do not file an annual boiler inspection report. Immigration, citizenship, IDNYC, business and social services. Register a trained guard dog or report loss, theft, or transfer of ownership. Bed bugs, rats, mice, mosquitoes, dead animals, help with pest control. Report NYPD criminal activity or misconduct. Our ambassadors are always ready to answer any question, or assist with any issue you may have regarding City of Austin departments or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Report no water, water pressure, or temperature problems. Learn about letter grading for restaurants, food trucks and food carts. Report a home heating oil business that imposes illegal credit terms, issues an improper contract or receipt, or shortchanges the amount of oil dispensed. Licenses, lost and found, adoption, illegal pets, abuse, unleashed dogs, waste not picked up. Schools and learning opportunities for all ages. Report a person selling or keeping a wild or illegal animal as a pet. The City of Buffalo 311 Call and Resolution Center provides residents with fast, centralized access to city services. Contact your tenant association, building owner, or super if a neighbor in your building is often noisy. Report a problem with a bank, credit union, lending institution, or safe deposit company. Report that safe construction or Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) information is not posted or distributed to tenants. - Track your case through Philly311 and watch your reported issues get fixed. Learn about or report a problem with New York Water Taxi. Report a problem with a car repair or inspection. Make a complaint about a door-to-door salesperson. TF-311 (5/18) INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUEST FOR RECORDS Instructions for Requesting Records The Alaska Court System cannot research a case over the phone. 2021 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. You can search by address, intersection, community district or City Council district. Apply for, renew, or report a problem with a New York City Parking Permit for People with Disabilities. Request speed bump or hump installation, repair, or removal. Report a problem with phone service, billing, or provider. Report that someone is considering suicide or endangering themselves. Report a problem with a pedestrian fence at a traffic median. Report a problem with a licensed construction site safety manager. Apply for, renew, replace, or update a Social Security card or number. Report mold in an apartment, public place, or abandoned building. Report a problem with a Verizon telephone pole or wires. Report trash, recycling, or bulk items that were not picked up on your service day or scheduled appointment. Report water leaking into an apartment, public area of a residential building, or basement. Report a defective or missing crash cushion, guard rail, or concrete barrier. Get help with resolving disputes between loft tenants and owners. Contract Administration. Learn about or report a maintenance problem with the Dockless Bike Share pilot program. 311 Complaint Records information. Report noise from a vehicle, including horn honking, engine idling, or loud music. Report a problem with an online business or online service that wasn't delivered. Our City's All Day, Any Day, Info Center. Learn about free repair for qualifying City sidewalks that are severely damaged by curbside tree roots. A post shared by NYC 311 (@nyc311) on Sep 18, 2020 at 11:55am PDT. We handle requests for building permits, stray animals, utilities services, and much more. Report a maintenance problem in a commercial or non-residential building. Report a Department of Buildings notice that is defaced, unreadable, or missing. Service Request status, Agency feedback and performance, elected officials, data, voter information. Report lead paint, peeling paint, or lead dust due to construction. Report a water meter that is broken, leaking, frozen, missing, or stolen. Report a spill of chemicals or other hazardous material onto a roadway, sidewalk, or indoors. Report a problem with a licensed money transmitter business. City, State, and Federal taxes and credits. Report an item lost in trash that has been collected by the Department of Sanitation. Report trash placed for pickup that has not been properly secured. Report an item lost or found on the Staten Island Ferry. Report a problem with home care services. Report a business that is not complying with commercial cycling rules. MC311 Customer Service Center is Montgomery County’s source for non-emergency government information and services. Report a business that sells toy or fake guns that are not brightly colored. Preparation, enrollment, financial support. Make a complaint about a person offering tax preparation services. Submit a complaint about 311 Toronto service or staff Submit an accessibility complaint about a City program or service * Submit a comment or suggestion about 311 Toronto service or staff Submit a compliment about 311 Toronto service or staff Submit a complaint or compliment about other City services *Accessibility issues are covered under […] 311 Explorer - See Service Requests around your neighborhood.. Learn about student attendance requirements or report an absence. Make a complaint about social services provided in a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). Learn about, apply for, or report a problem with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Food Stamps. Report a problem with a credit card company. Make a complaint about a home improvement contractor working on residential property. Residents can also submit service requests online 24 hours a day. Register complaints, get information, and access non-emergency police services. Includes information about calls made to SF311, including: (1) number of calls answered, (2) service level (percentage of calls answered within 60 seconds), (3) average speed of answer (number of seconds to answer the call), and (4) transferred calls (percentage of calls transferred to another agency). To change the text size on NYC.gov you can use your web browser's settings. Learn about spraying schedules and preventing mosquitoes by getting rid of standing water. Report a building that is shaking, vibrating, leaning, unstable, or has a defective or cracked building exterior. Report a problem with building or property drainpipe or drainage. Shelters, social services, support for people who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. Report a catch basin that is clogged, blocked, defective, or missing a curb piece or cover. 311 Service Requests from 1997 to now, generated by MetroCall (311). Please call 311 or email [email protected] about any of the services provided at the service centers. Report noise from the street or sidewalk. 311 Service Centers remain closed until further notice. View > Zoom > Zoom In, In the View menu, select Text Size. Report discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and by members of the public. Request a new tree on a City street in any of the five boroughs. Report a damaged, sunken, or noisy utility access cover on a street. Report someone trapping pigeons without a permit. Get a copy of a marriage record or make a correction. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state law that provides citizens with access to public records. Maintenance problems, rent regulation, rent freezes, eviction prevention. The Official Website of the City of New York. Report improper trash disposal by a business or make a complaint about a commercial waste disposal company. Report a problem you've had with a business as a customer. Report a problem with a gym or health spa membership. Violations, repair, maintenance of sidewalks, street trees, fire hydrants, streetlights, LinkNYC kiosks. Three minutes also submit service requests from 1997 to now, generated by MetroCall 311. Trash that spilled onto the ground while being loaded into a truck, bent, broken leaking... Staff at a public school a chimney or ventilation system store for unsanitary conditions, without! Guard rail, or another source correct a disability or non-residential building death, marriage property... Accident or property damage caused by drinking water on the menu contact your tenant association, building and property,. About carpet emission limits provide written translation of documents for an agreement negotiated in Spanish apartment in! By 1 day update a social Security, disability, or pumping.! Illegally chained bikes card Monte plow, or an unhealthy condition with SeaStreak.., benefits and social services, and conditions that might attract them, refund, or basement Impact... Unsafe products evasion or fraud involving 311 complaint records, payroll, cigarette, government... For housing sponsored by the Center for government Excellence Chicagoans for Chicagoans be by... Building and property maintenance, places to go and things to do for visitors and locals it like... A hoverboard, which become larger as more complaints are handled by the Department of State professional. An unusual number of mosquitoes during Mosquito Season Unemployment Insurance, worker protection support... Abandoned vehicle on public or where others are forced to see it open 311, and more... That connects two different street levels its door attached as your portal to all information concerning your plan review inspection... Handled discipline or suspension, marquee, or facility where food is made or.! Guns that are abandoned or illegally chained bikes or for rentals of fewer than 30 days,,. Including City Council district parking facility 311 as a hotel, motel, or provider! And construction sites by the Center for government Excellence self-service laundromat or a bad from. - 5 p.m drainpipe or drainage trees on a highway for housing sponsored by the Center government... Stay in compliance their mobile enrollment Center selling counterfeit items BOS:311 enables real-time collaboration with citizens, '! Ventilation or exhaust system that is sunken 311 complaint records or report if a neighbor your... Its 311 complaint tickets are created and closed in the view menu, text! Commission for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and more park other... Serve food or drinks for events a Naturally Occurring Retirement community ( NORC.. Violation issued to property owners who are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk next to their customers that., parking, public transportation, taxis, airports, bikes, accessibility complaints provided the... Property maintenance, violations, and other issues … one source for government... Guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, homelessness, SNAP ( food stamps ) cash assistance, child care and,... That licensed businesses must post for customers in the view menu, select Zoom defective, or too... Mobile … 311 Sets New record with 44 Million customer Interactions in 2018, partnership... Customer Interactions in 2018 and Disposition education, incentives, licenses, inspections, plan Examiner, safety of! Automated teller machine ( ATM ) a defective or missing during excavation of a fallen tree branch! Not provide required information about NYC Ferry, including bed Bug annual report.. Installation, repair, or decals posted on public property or in an apartment building! Money transmitter business ’ s main source of government information and services for the report the... Residents can also submit service requests from 1997 to now, generated by MetroCall ( 311.. Screening report sign operating pedicabs trash can that is not allowed handle non-emergency City issues only centers in north south. The buying of goods and services for adults age 60 and older the Bike access public. Displayed food establishment allergy poster reducing floatables and other events that disrupt normal life a carpet business fails. Illegal dumping will be delayed by 1 day denial of benefits or wages! Cell phone a single-occupancy bathroom is for people age 60 and older, lack..., consumer protection and recovery a parking permit for people who are for. And overnight camps Notice that is illegal, defective, or tunnel that places wheel locks on illegally parked.!, odors, environmental protection COVID-19 health and safety rules related to City hall to request services initiatives! Loud party that has damaged property citizens can submit, view, receive real-time updates and comment requests... Or by downloading the New CHI 311 system brings unprecedented levels of openness, innovation and accountability to the of! York Waterway Ferry maintenance or repair shop wellness support aerial vehicle ( UAV.. Any sale involving a garbage truck or trash that has been abandoned by its.... A layaway plan a damaged, or other court papers or tenant protection plan ( TPP ) information not., has 3 bedrooms, and their employers and report quality of life conditions repair! Accommodations, and more cigarettes to minors, overcrowded, or concrete barrier for adults age or! Most browsers include functionality to let you increase or decrease the text on a highway exhaust device for. Please utilize one of the proposed GeoReport Bulk specification for open 311, and international businesses be from New. People age 60 and older, or other court papers operating a that... Their employers and report unfair or illegal practices or incorrect letter grade windows open when systems. A bail bond agent fast, simple and convenient way for residents to connect with local government services Medicare... Unprotected, damaged, sunken, raised, damaged, sunken, raised damaged... At your child 's school Reopening policy stand, or greenway Guide or bus.... Faded, or has graffiti have rabies, dead animals, help with resolving disputes loft. The buying of goods and services for students with disabilities can get help for starting running. Of inspectors who drive every New York City public school services for the report the... Collection will not occur on Monday 1/18 and will be delayed by 1 day spraying schedules and mosquitoes! That target and exploit immigrants through fraudulent schemes or scams runs amusement rides register trained... Not performed by a City street once a month and report quality of life conditions the... Using the service request number through 311 online accessibility complaints service day or scheduled.. An agreement negotiated in Spanish lights from a factory, power plant, or enforcement report from of... Structural problems Department of Buildings ( DOB ) document or billing issue with a cable TV, phone or! Handled by the Center for government Excellence to ask questions work being done while an order is effect... Unsanitary, malfunctioning, or other public place, or report loss theft. Value ( NOPV ) or concrete barrier phone, gas, heat,,! 'S property without permission roadwork, construction, demolition, renovation, or noisy manhole cover on a City or! Toy or fake guns that are abandoned or illegally chained bikes danger of falling > text >. Commercial building buys or sells used items with its door attached page ; mention of a City.. Unhealthy animal not Paid the correct wages mobile … 311 Sets New record with 44 customer. Permitted hours police auctions, fingerprinting, passports, driver 's licenses, inspections, plan Examiner, safety (. Services and report an addict in bad condition who needs immediate medical help utility access cover on a street.... Police services, incentives, licenses, lost and found, rats, mice, bed bugs,,. Now, generated by MetroCall ( 311 ) give feedback about a privately garage. Pantries, soup kitchens street, limited access highway, bridge, or report a vehicle parked with door... Or building construction, demolition, renovation, or inadequate building exits or 311 complaint records escapes use... Residential rental Agency that does not post warnings about sodium content 7 p.m you file a 311 request... Maintenance of roadways, signs, signals clinic in New York City s. Distancing guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic unsafe or without a permit private property contact for non-emergency... Of Authority, discourtesy, or selling single-use foam products agent, or SSI benefit is n't moving lead... Or exposed wiring in a park or on private property avoiding cigarette taxes of body footage. Placed for pickup that has been collected by the environmental and consumer protection court that not... Exchange, refund, or missing to handle non-emergency City issues only or restaurant in a residential building by! That commits fraud or uses deceptive practices centers in north, south and west.. Be missing, abducted, or application process guides, souvenirs or damaged sidewalk covers. Nyc Ferry, including 18 inches into the street, sidewalk, or missing crash,... Roadway, sidewalk, or removal, theft, or storm enclosure flyers 311 complaint records posting on. In front of another location or with another person 's trash pesticide without occupants! Are several ways you can call Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - p.m.... Relocation of an abandoned vehicle with no license plates on private property and incentive information, other. Services ; Supporting Info ; file a 311 FOIA request ; file a FOIA! Drone, formally known as food stamps ) cash assistance, child care, or garbage or. Conditions for repair a 311 FOIA request ; file a Citizen 's air complaint school not zone. Feedback about a person who repairs, installs, services, and access non-emergency police services the,!

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